Unity 3D

Beanstalk Title Screen


An Entertainment Technology Center project:

This game is designed to teach children ages 4-11 how to build and identify stable structures. In the game, players must build towers by manipulating a series of blocks in order to help a friendly alien creature get to its spaceship so it can return to home.

DARPA’s ENGAGE program was a multi-year project geared towards increasing the number of children in the US pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers. This project’s end product is a series of game technologies that are designed to teach children ages 5-10 different topics inside of STEM. The initiative is funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), and involves several partners for game development and educational assessment of the games. Our partners included Sesame Workshop, UCLA and the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

Over the course of 3 years, I have worked on 4 games. The first game, RumbleBlocks, teaches basic stability principles while the other three games: Beanstalk, Helios and PuppyBot Rescue, focus on teaching the balance formula.

Available on the web or Android, Developed using Unity 3D


Level Design, Game Design, 2D Art

Title: Staff Designer

Team Members

  • Sean Brice: Artist & Designer
  • Luke Jayapalan: Producer, Lead Game Designer, Sound Designer
  • Qiaosi Chen: Programmer
  • Jing Jin: Programmer/Technical Artist
  • Bryan Maher: Programmer
  • Mike Christel: Co-PI
  • Scott Stevens: PI (Principle Investigator)

The game was later updated and improved upon additionally by Samantha Collier, Xun Zhang, Ni Mu, Nora Bastida, Danny Hausmann, Cathy Chase, Derek Lomas and Erik Harpstead.


  • Level Design: over 200 sketches, ranging several concepts
  • Game Design: wire-frame mock-ups, game design document authoring and storyboards
  • Art: Background images and foreground pieces


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Tier selection screen

Tier Selection Screen and Trophy Achievements

Achievements screen


2 player concept

Concept for 2 players – red player can only place red blocks while blue player can only place blue blocks.

Build within the boundary concept

Concept – Build a tower that doesn’t fall outside the gray outlined shape. In this case, only a tall symmetrical tower can be built. Pre-checkpoint concept.

Scaffolding concept

Concept – scaffolding. Green blocks are pre-existing and player must build a tower to reach the star while using and maneuvering the green blocks.

Early checkpoint concept

Early concept – player must hit the tiny neutron-like checkpoints and reach the star. These got incredibly whacky.