House in Menorca

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Menorca House


House in Menorca, by Spanish Architect Pablo Serrano of Dom Arquitectura served as reference in the Image Reference Re-Creation Challenge #1 at World of Level Design. Criteria was to use Hammer Source (any game in the engine) and to re-create what is the first image, along with two other beauty shots of the compiled environment.


Working with an older editor like Hammer, the lighting was harder than expected, especially planning it into an 8 day turnaround. My other challenge was getting the proportions as close to 1:1 as possible with the reference image. This project makes me value blueprints that much more.
You can view the forum log here.

  • Team Size: 1
  • Engine: Hammer, Source Engine
  • Duration: 5 Days


I modeled and textured the house. The skybox and the few props, such as the trees, are Valve's.


  • Individual Contest
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