Haunted Mansion

 CryEngine 2


This map won an honorable mention in a World of Level Design contest. The challenge was to create a Halloween or Haunted House styled building as the focal point, and it must include a reference to World of Level Design for it’s two year anniversary. Any editor was available to choose from. We were also required to keep a log of our progress in the forums. The time limit was the month of October, with a deadline on the 31st. End result was to produce three beauty shots.


Modeling the house was the biggest challenge - definitely doable, but challenging due to the time constraint. Since this wasn't going to be a playable map for the deliverable, I designed the lighting in a way that would allow me to not have to focus on the texturing of the building, as long as it looked good in my pre-determined shots. My other challenge was getting this house with glowing windows to look spooky, so I took creative liberties and built a graveyard and added some twisting trees to add interest and movement throughout the images.
You can view my forum log here.

  • Team Size: 1
  • Engine: CryEngine 2
  • Duration: 3 Weeks


I modeled and textured the house, fountain and the terrain. The trees, graveyard props are Crytek's.


  • Honorable Mention in 2010 World of Level Design Contest
  • 15 votes, with winner receiving 26