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This page was designed to be a program landing page for the School of Nursing at Ohio University and serve as a marketing tool. We had several goals to achieve, with the primary one taking our CRM form and implementing it into a 3-step animated form, instead of the dull and blank page it was previously on. We also took the opportunity with an extended deadline to implement parallax elements, animated dials and SVG iconography - all of which were a first for me.

As part of a team of five, I designed, coded and built the site. Other member contributions included copy, design direction and some marketing analysis and SEO.


This is one of the first advanced pages I've built, involving a lot of flashy design elements and taking form code and implementing it into a 3-step animated form. The form code was a huge hurdle, as it required older jQuery and I had conflicting newer code that caused the form not to submit to our CRM. I ended up reaching out and a having a more advanced programmer look over it and conclude that we needed to implement jQuery no-conflict in order to fix it.

  • Team Size: 5
  • Built with: HTML 5, CSS 3
  • Duration: 1 Month


I was responsible for the design, code and implementation.


  • Currently Not Marketing

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