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This was an initiative by our team, realizing the highly-used, but desperately out of date design from the previous site, as well as updating it to current brand standards. A lot of the content was hidden under buttons that may have been looked over by newcomers. We also took the opportunity and created a knowledge center for the MSN students, which previously did not have one, and housed them side-by-side in the same site. This tackled both of our design issues as well as made it easy for any student going from the RN to BSN program and furthering their degree with the MSN program.

As part of a team of four, I designed, coded and built the site. Other member contributions included copy, design direction and some marketing analysis and SEO.


The biggest challenge was making sure this site worked as flawlessly as possible on the widest range of browsers and devices. So naturally, IE 8 gave us problems with a few features, but we worked them out.

  • Team Size: 4
  • Built with: HTML 5, CSS 3
  • Duration: 1 Month


I was responsible for the design, code and implementation.


  • 14,600 Users
  • 45,600 Sessions

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